The dreaded budget conversation, most brides and grooms dread when a vendor asks “whats your budget”, but if you recognize the importance of the wedding budget in the beginning and actually have set numbers, it makes the process of planning a wedding so much easier. Not only does it save your vendor time, but it lessens the stress of the back and forth quotes, if a vendor knows how much you have to spend they can customize to fit your needs the very first time, making everyone, including your wallet happy. Below are a few items we believe are must haves (you should not skimp on these to save budget money) that will make your wedding the talk of the town.


We have seen this problem too many times during our career in the wedding industry. Food is definitely one of those items where you get what you pay for. While there are so many options for food vendors, food makes people happy and if your guests are served a poorly prepared dish they will remember this! If belly’s are full of delicious food, your wedding will be one talked about for years.

When deciding, listen to reviews, talk to the person running the business, if they are hard to communicate with (red flag), if they don’t offer a tasting (red flag), ask for samples of past work, look at their food presentation, does it fit your aesthetic for your wedding day? Another huge factor not to skimp on is wait staff, while its great to have delicious food served, if you skimp on the clean up and convenience of having a glass of water filled this will impact your guests experience as well. Even If the food was top notch, having flies fly around your empty plate will quickly change a guests opinion. Make sure your caterer provides those options throughout the night, you and your guests won’t regret it.


When looking at wedding pictures, what is usually in almost every picture. Your flowers…. from your bridal bouquet to the table centerpieces, your groom’s boutonniere and even the ceremony arch. While flowers are perishable, they will be a huge statement in almost every picture you look back on. If your not a huge fan of color from blooms, greenery can still have the same impact. When your guests arrive to your wedding, a welcome sign usually greets them and should be blooming, this way your guests start the experience with a smile not their face. When they sit at your tables what will they be staring at all night? The floral centerpiece. Guests will enjoy a night full of pleasing to the eye settings and statements to accent the beautiful Bride & Groom.


You are spending all of this money and want your guests to stay and party all night long, or at least until the grand exit. You have waited your whole life for this night, so make sure you and your guests have the right band or DJ to keep the party moving. While the price range for these services can vary greatly, make sure you take the time to see the band or DJ in action first (preferably without them knowing your scouting them out). Reviews can be a little tricky on these types of services because everyone’s music style is different, so pick what works for you. Make sure they can customize to your liking, they transition from song to song with style, and they have the personality to keep people on the dance floor. If the chicken dance is their “go-to” to get people on the dance floor, quickly move onto the next person on the list. If the band you really LOVE costs a little bit more then you wanted to spend, we encourage you to follow your heart (or gut instinct), your guests will thank you.


What your guests have to sit in all night, goes back to the chairs you are renting for them…if it’s hot and your guests are sweating with no option of fans, you will regret not renting them and guests will leave early. If your guests go to cut their food at the table with plastic utensils and the fork breaks, now they have to wait to enjoy their meal. These are items that will affect the overall guest experience at your wedding. If your guests are comfortable and are able to sit back (in a comfy, eye pleasing chair), relax and enjoy the night they will definitely talk about your wedding for years to come. Get to know your rental company and all they have to offer, most have tons of experience and can offer suggestions to keep your guests comfy as well as your budget.


All of this time spent planning and meeting with vendors, tasting, making decisions will all come together and quickly pass in one day. Make sure you spend the money to have a talented photographer capture EVERY detail, even the ones you may not see during the event. These photographs will be your way of sharing these memories for years to come. Just like the music, photographers have very unique styles as well. Some, light and airy, others with deeper tones captured. Only you can decide what you and your soulmate prefer, but all we are saying is don’t just go with anyone because they are “cheaper”.